If your family lived in the same area for the first 18 years of your life, many of your high school friends you have known since kindergarten.  There is nothing better than seeing lifelong friends in person. 

It is also a good place to talk to people you were not friends with in high school.  We had over five hundred people in our class, and it would have been virtually impossible to know each and every one of them.  You may just find out how nice these people really are. 

Don’t sit at a table all night long.  If you sit down all night you will never want to come back.  Walk around and say hello to people.  Enjoy yourself, and you will be immediately anxious for the next one to arrive.  Go to your reunion!

There is no guarantee any one of us will be around for the next one.

I spoke to a female classmate of ours at the reunion 10 years ago.  She was one of my good friend’s girlfriends.  We said hello sometimes in high school, but never had any type of conversation until that reunion.  I was real happy to have gotten to know her at the reunion, and was very much looking forward to seeing her at the 2010 reunion. 

At the beginning of the evening they announced the people that had passed away.   She was on the list.  My heart sunk, because I was very much looking forward to talking with her again.  I was grateful and honored to have the privilege to converse with her during the 2005 reunion.

If one of your close friends from Central Dauphin passes away, and you have not seen them in many years, you will be forever mad at yourself for putting it off time and time again.

Go to your Central Dauphin Class of 1975 Reunion.  Move about, converse with both friends and strangers.  You will then be enthusiastically looking forward to the next one!


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