Central Dauphin Class of 1975 reunion photos are all made available to download to your computer.

The goal was to have at least one photo of everyone in attendance. The four hours passed very quickly.  There must be some classmates who would have liked a picture taken, and are disappointed it did not happen.

My apologies to every classmate that would have liked their photo taken during our class reunion.


Starting with our reunion in 2020, you may submit any photos you take at the golf outing or reunion for display on this website.  Please take the time to select only the photos you want on the website.  I will crop and resize your photos to fit within the parameters of the pages so all the photos appear uniform.  Email them to:

Email all your photos to me within 30 days after the reunion.

If I am taking photos for our reunion in 2020, please come up to me and let it be known that you would like a picture. Ask and you shall receive.

P.S. The photos come out far superior when people do not expose themselves to the sun.  There is a very definite reason why you do not see models in any advertisements with suntans, and or sunburns.  It is a photographic nightmare attempting to edit all these photos of classmates with sun exposure.